"This world is a stage! In our age where interacting with social-media is the name of the game, we have the unprecedented opportunity to step into our unique spotlights to share wisdom and present a vision for the world that we want to live in. It is our responsibility as members of the human collective to uplift and encourage each other to express ourselves exuberantly and without fear." - Jade Fusco

Jade Fusco paints and performs, philosophizes and sings, and makes video. Her pseudonym as creatrix is DMZL, as in "damsel;" yet she is not in distress, but rather, in delight; her practice is inspired by a vision of community and collaboration, of theatre and celebratory expression…of taking one's freedom in hand and not waiting to be saved!

Fusco is Italian-American (dad Italian, mom Californian) born in January of 1990 in Paris, France, where she spent the first 3 years of her life absorbing Parisian art and culture through the city and its language. Then she moved to Los Angeles, her mother's native city, where she lived on the west side until she finished high school. Starting at age 4, Fusco attended weekly art classes where she learned traditional techniques in pastels, watercolors and oil paint. She also acted in various television commercials and took acting classes.

In 2008, Fusco transplanted herself in New York, to attend the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU. There she crafted an inter-disciplinary curriculum cross-hatching French and German language studies, modern and post-modern critical theory with experimental performance and a visual art practice. She studied abroad in Berlin in 2011, where she had her first solo exhibition of drawings at the Atelier Kunst Spiel Raum, and participated in several group shows.

Back in New York, she performed as a vocalist in two bands and participated in various art performances and thesis plays invented by her piers in the drama schools.

Her post-graduate spell in New York lasted almost 4 years; it was a period rife with artistic production, mural making, collaboration, performances, exhibitions, with intermittent voyages abroad to far off lands such as Serbia and India.

In January of 2016, she chose to migrate south to Austin, TX to set up a new home base, and hone in on her vision as a multi-sensory artist.

Fusco's art continues to be inspired by archetypal mythology, American and European Avant-Garde and Modernist movements, and folk/outsider art from various cultures.

Her persistent mission, drawing from these movements, is to design art events that melt genres together into surreal experiences governed by whimsical laws and psycho-therapeutic modalities. Her art is in service of dissolving mental and physical barriers and encouraging unfettered creative expression for all individuals. In this way, humanity as a whole will flourish in strength and love.

What and Why is DMZL?

DMZL: dam'-zel

In its written form, the vowels are omitted leaving just four consonants as a symbol for an ever-evolving idea.

The concept of "damsel" is animated in the pronunciation, in the exhalation, where it's context is re-cognized.

DMZL is an evolving mythology, personal and universal, a story in the making, in which anybody can become a character.

DMZL is the muse.

DMZL is the moniker...

DMZL is the liberated creatrix, already free, already saved and in delightful charge of her own journey. Her own empowerment frees her to encourage others, collaborate in dreaming up exciting life experiences for everyone, and cultivating inspired communities in harmony with the planet.

The SSWS Project :: Meet Jade Fusco
Brooklyn, NY
Summer 2014